What’s New

July 2015
New staff members
September 2010
We have a new fluorescent cavity detecting camera to aid in diagnosis of cavities starting in the pits and fissures of teeth and around existing restorations called SPECTRA. This new diagnostic tool is an adjunct  to clinical examinations and dental x-rays and is able to detect cavities when they are smaller. We can detect these cavities and monitor them or restore them with less extensive and expensive treatment compared to waiting until they are visible on x-rays or with visual inspection.
August 2010
We have upgraded our previous digital x-ray system to the Shick elite system. This sensor system plugs directly into the computers in all operatories and allows the digital image to appear immediately on the computer monitor. With the Shick system radiation exposure has been reduced by 1/6 of the previous digital system which was still significantly lower than traditional film x-rays.

July 2010
We added the state of the art Galileo panorex/cone beam CT scan machine and Velscope to our office to aid in top of the line patient care.