Youth Sports Mouthguard Program

  • All participants in any sport ages 5-18 will be entitled to one FREE custom mouthguard per year
  • Additional mouthguards may be made within the year for a small fee of $20
  • To have a mouthguard made, a single impression of the athlete’s upper teeth must be taken which takes only minutes and is pain free
  • Call our office today at Exeter Family Dental Care Phone Number 603-772-3351 to set up an appointment for the athlete’s impression and we’ll have your mouthguard ready in approximately one week
Who Should Wear a Custom Mouthguard?

Any sport that involves the potential for contact with another player, ball, stick or other piece of hard equipment is at risk for dental and facial trauma that can be minimized by wearing a mouthguard.

Why Wear A Mouthguard?

  • Prevents injuries to teeth that may cause tooth loss and or the need for extensive and expensive dental treatment

  • Prevent jaw fracture

  • Prevent concussion caused by lower jaw being forced upward

  • Minimize soft tissue trauma that may result from tooth penetration

  • Maintain alignment of teeth that may have been achieved by extensive and expensive orthodontic treatment

  • Allows participants to play hard and not have to worry as much about trauma

Why a custom mouthguard?

Custom mouthguards are precision fit to a model of the athlete’s teeth, unlike a stock mouthguard which is one size fits most. Because of the tight and comfortable fit, the mouthguard stays put during contact. The material is less bulky than stock guards and still provides superior protection. The snug fit allows for better communication between players on the field, court, ice, etc.

Why we care

Dr. Katherine Churchill grew up playing youth sports. She continued her athletic career playing division I softball in college. She attributes much of her success in life and her career to lessons she learned on the field. Throughout her career, Dr. Churchill has seen numerous season and career ending injuries to the head and neck that may have been minimized or even prevented by the use of a mouthguard. In an effort to give back to her community, she has established this mouthguard program for today’s youth. Dr. Churchill hopes that all young people will be give the same opportunity to participate in sports she was given. Protection of the head, neck and teeth will keep young athletes safe so that they may enjoy playing for many years to come.

Call today with any questions regarding the program or to set up an appointment for your athlete.

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